• James Allison

    Neuro Smart Coach

    Empowerment Coach & Speaker on Life and The Mind

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About James Allison

Self care is the future of the world.
I am an entrepreneur with over 35 years experience running my own successful business and running previous businesses before that. I have been a sporting champion at both Scottish and International level. At present I am now a certified life purpose and mind development coach and an expert in doing things my way.

So ask yourself…why a coach?

Get a Coach unlike a therapist, a coach will not only focus on your past, but also empower you to your future. A coach for me is being accountable outside the box, a voice of reason and support to help find your purpose. Assess your personal pattern and vision; bringing a new awareness and confidence. I will help you break through the thoughts and feelings that are your barriers and keeping you back. Unblock your fixed mind to find your true potential. I will be my best self and my intention is to serve and love others by way of gratitude and fulfilment.

We need to talk and join in with the dialog, one were we observe the systems off stress, participate in the conversation to deal with it, guide it, learn from it, and let it go.

Life happens to us, not for us! Tony Robbins.

My Mission

To me, a life coach empowers a person to see a clear possible future and believe it can be achieved. It can also be as simple as holding a hand, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand. Your trapped thoughts and beliefs can be the thing that holds you back from being your future self.

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Your heart and soul were alive before your brain developed don’t choose second best.

James Allison